Attacks to drag Lebanon into Sunni-Shiah conflict

'Attacks to drag Lebanon into Sunni-Shiah conflict'
Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Qabbani stated the bomb attacks in Tripoli were done by those who wanted to drag Lebanon into a Sunni-Shiah conflict

Mufti of Lebanon Sheikh Mohamed Qabbani stated the bomb attacks in Tripoli were done by those who wanted to drag Lebanon into a Sunni-Shiah conflict.

Speaking at a television channel in Lebanon, Qabbani said Shiah was behind the bomb attack in Tripoli and that Sunniah was not behind the one in Dahiyah. Defining the attacks as ‘terror’, Qabbani stated it was the biggest conspiracy, aiming to cause incitement in the country.

On the other hand, Kuwait, Qatar and United Arab Emirates (UAE) condemned the bomb attacks in Lebanese Tripoli city, which aimed the mosques there.

UAE’s Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs Anwar Muhammad Gargash condemned the attacks and called on the Lebanese for unity and solidarity in a written statement.

Qatari Foreign Affairs also condemned the attacks and said destabilizing the stability of the country was aimed with the attacks.

Calling on the Lebanese to have a common sense, Kuwait’s Foreign Affairs expressed their worries on the recent incidents in Lebanon.

“Assad regime has marks on the attacks”

Lebanese Muslim Scholars Unity claimed that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had a hand in the attacks.

“Baas regime in Syria has hand in the attacks, where the mosques are aimed. These attacks show what a big conspiracy was organized against Lebanon,” unity’s written statement said.

One of Mustaqbal movement leaders in Lebanon Mustafa Allush told AA in an exclusive interview that he holds Assad and Hezbollah responsible for the attacks and called on Hezbollah to withdraw its soldiers from Syria.

After the Friday prayer in Lebanese Tripoli city, twin bomb attacks took place consecutively, where the death toll was 50 and 350 were wounded.

On Thursday, 24 people were reported dead and at least 300 wounded during an armed attack which was held at Hezbollah’s party center in Lebanon’s Tripoli, where Shiah community lives intensively.

(Source / 24.08.2013)

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