Al-Nahda movement accepts dissolution of government


Tunisian flagThe Tunisian Work Union have now agreed upon the dissolution of the government in order to open the door for national dialogue

The Tunisian Islamic Movement Al-Nahda accepted on Thursday the opposition’s demand to dissolve the government and immediately enter into talks.

After a two hour meeting with Hussein Al-Abbasi, a representative of the Tunisian Work Union, along with other opposition leaders, the head of Al-Nahdah, Sheikh Rashid Al-Ghanouchi, told journalists that his movement has now agreed upon the dissolution of the government in order to open the door for national dialogue.

Al-Ghanouchi did not give more details about the decision and whether the government would be dissolved before the start of the dialogue or after it.

The Tunisian opposition has been calling for the dissolution of the Tunisian government, which is headed by Al-Nahda, as well as the Constitutional Assembly in protest of the assassination of the prominent opposition leader Mohamed al-Barahmi on 25 July.

At first, Al-Nahda refused the demands of the opposition, which has continued its protest since Al-Barahmi’s death, for several reasons.

It argued that the Constitutional Assembly is the biggest and most important achievement of the revolution. Al-Ghanouchis previously described dissolving it as a “red line.”

Regarding the government, Al-Nahda had said that dissolving it and going into discussions to form a new one would waste time ahead of general elections that are scheduled to be held in December of this year.

Observers said that Al-Nahda and the opposition might have accepted a compromise initiative introduced by activists that included the dissolution of the government while retaining the Constitutional Assembly to complete drafting the elections law.

The initiative involves the formation of a technocratic government and the Constitutional Assembly to complete the elections law by 23 October.

(Source / 22.08.2013)

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