PA: Egypt security vital to Arab world

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority on Friday reiterated that any harm to the national security of Egypt would harm Arab and Islamic national security and threaten the Palestinian cause.

“Egyptian national security is vital for Arab national security,” the PA said in a statement.

“Anyone who tries to tamper with or threaten the Egyptian state or the security and stability of the Egyptian people is carrying out a plot against the unity of Egypt that targets the security and stability of Arab nations.”

The PA praised Saudi position toward the outbreak of violence in Egypt, saying that “we are fully confident that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will remain a guard over Arab and Islamic nations.”

The statement came as PA security forces cracked down on a protest in support of ousted Egyptian president Mohamad Morsi in Hebron, where at least three people were arrested.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine leader Abdulaleem Dana condemned the actions of the security forces, saying that everyone has the basic right to express themselves.

The demonstration was called by Hamas.

(Source / 16.08.2013)

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