It is important for everyone to realize that despite all the media hoopla of the past week and all the chest puffing from Klown Kerry, and the other acts on the grand “appeasement” talks stage, not one single prisoner was actually freed.  The definition of free is to not be imprisoned or enslaved; not controlled by obligation or the will of another; having political independence;  not subject to arbitrary interference by a government: not affected or restricted by a given condition or circumstance; not subject to a given condition; not subject to external restraint: not occupied or used;  unobstructed; unguarded in expression or manner; Given, made, or done of one’s own accord; voluntary or spontaneous: a free act of the will; free choices.

Not one actor in this charade can honestly apply any of the above to a single prisoner claimed to have been released.  Under the “agreement” forged by the fully biased and criminal Kerry, the illegitimate so called President of the West Bank Palestine, Abu Mazen (and having no claim regarding representation of either the Hamas governed Gaza strip or the Diaspora) and the criminally corrupt queen Livni of Israel, each prisoner is released to either occupied prison camp, Gaza or WB, is given a map of what streets it may walk on and those which are forbidden, what cities and villages may and may not be visited, and instructions on who and who not can be contacted and communicated with along with clear instruction that any negative talk about Israel, protest against the criminal policies and actions ofIsrael  or other deviance from the mandates of the “agreement” will result in a return to prison in Israel,

It is incumbent upon every writer and commentator with any sense of decency and honesty to keep this information before the public in whatever way possible.

There has been absolutely no freeing of prisoners and there will be none under the faux discussions arranged by the Criminal US and its criminal sycophants from Palestine and Israel.  The main stream media will do all in its power to perpetuate this fraud.  It is up to us to make certain the world knows the truth

(Source / 16.08.2013)

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