Talks will fail because Palestinians shouldn’t negotiate with ‘a thief,’ Israel supporter concedes

Excellent piece in the Jewish Journal by David Suissa, a rightwing columnist who believes that Israel has a right to the West Bank, stating that the talks will fail because Israel has “the mark of ‘thief’” on its forehead and therefore the Palestinians will never compromise with it, and who can blame them. Suissa laments this mark, but says that a global campaign has been successful in affixing it.

there’s an underlying emotional reason why these talks are doomed to continue the failures of the past.

No one wants to negotiate — let alone compromise — with a thief.

For several decades now, the Palestinians have successfully sold the world and themselves on the narrative that Israel stole their land. This has given them zero incentive to compromise.

Over time, as this unchallenged narrative has taken on the aura of accepted truth, it has undermined all attempts to reach a final peace agreement, as well as expose Israel to a global campaign of boycotts and condemnations.

To make matters worse, whenever there is more settlement construction, the perceived level of “criminality” has only gone up….

As long as you enter negotiations with the mark of “thief” on your forehead, good luck trying to get the other side to compromise.

Much of Suissa’s column is dedicated to his argument that Israel has the right to Judea and Samaria, and it has failed to defend that right. It can’t win. It’s not Palestinian marketing that’s undermined his position, it’s that the rest of the world does not accept the Israeli interpretation of the Geneva Convention on transfer of populations.

The article demonstrates how much is at stake with the European stance on unlawfulness of the settlements. Israelis have undertaken negotiations in some measure because they are seeking a EU fig-leaf compromise on that stance. So as to escape the thief label.

(Source / 12.08.2013)

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