Hunger striker Barghouthi in very serious health condition

Lawyer Hanan Al-Khatib said that the health condition of the Jordanian prisoner Abdullah Barghouthi has deteriorated very seriously as a result of his hunger strike for 95 days.

Khatib stated on Tuesday following her visit to Barghouthi in Afula hospital that he cannot feel a thing in his right arm and suffers from serious liver and kidney problems, warning that he would be put on dialysis if he continued his hunger strike.

She added that the accumulation of toxins in his blood forced the doctors in the hospital to withdraw between four to six units of blood from his body.

Hunger striker Barghouthi has been put under tight guard by his jailers in the hospital and his left hand and right leg are being tied to his bed, according to the lawyer.

(Source / 06.08.2013)

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