Sheikh Adnan calls for supporting prisoners’ hunger strike

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The leader in Islamic Jihad movement, Sheikh Khader Adnan, called on Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem, the West Bank, the occupied territories in 1948 and the Diaspora to take part in the battle of dignity, led by prisoners in Israeli jails.

Sheikh Adnan strongly condemned the official Palestinian Authority TV station for its lack of support for the prisoners’ hunger strike, noting that the official PA TV is the only TV allowed into Israeli jails.

He also criticized a number of governmental media institutions for their negligence of the prisoners’ issue and hunger strike.

Sheikh Adnan pointed out to the plight of the isolated prisoners Dirar Abu Sisi and Mahmoud Zahran, the patient captive Mo’tassem Raddad, in addition to the female captive Lina Jarboni, and the prisoner Ayman Hamdan who declared hunger strike since 100 days.

He called on the Palestinian people to pray during Laylatul Qadr for their brothers and sisters held in Israeli jails and on the resistance to defend for their freedom.

Fourteen prisoners declared hunger strike in Israeli jails including 5 Jordanian captives who went on hunger strike since 94 days and Ayman Hamdan, 98 days on hunger strike.

(Facebook  / 05.08.2013)

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