PFLP: Normalization “Iftar” an insult to Palestinian people, religion, and cause


images_news_2012_06_08_anti-normal_300_01The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine denounced the so-called “Palestinian-Israeli Iftar” held outside Ramallah by the so-called “YaLa-Young Leaders”, while Palestinian land is being confiscated, homes demolished, crops burned, Jerusalem Judaized and Palestinians tortured throughout the land of Palestine by the Israeli army and settlers, with no condemnation by the participants of these crimes.

The Front said that this is an abhorrent example of normalization that is offensive to the Palestinian people, and an offense to religion, the cause, and the truth. Further, the Front said that these events are held in secrecy from the Palestinian people and Palestinian popular sentiment and are publicized in occupation media and in international venues. The Front pointed out that this is once again evidence that those responsible for these activities are ashamed of revealing them in public.

The PFLP said that this is an indication of the political approach that accompanies the Oslo agreement: attempting to decide the fate of the Palestinian people and their rights behind the backs of the people and their political and social forces and movements. Those responsible do not represent the Palestinian cause or its owners.

The Front called for unifying Palestinian forces and our political, social and cultural figures and symbols, in light of the seriousness of these political and organizational destructive normalization activities, in a national media and academic campaign to condemn and cease these waves of normalization activities, and to activate the popular movement to stop the destruction that is undermining our national struggle, the steadfastness of our people and our cause.

(Source / 03.08.2013)

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