Health of Palestinian hunger strikers worsening in Israeli jails: Ministry

Palestinian authorities have warned about the deteriorating health conditions of hunger striking prisoners in Israeli jails.

The Palestinian Ministry for Prisoner Affairs warned about the worsening health conditions of the Palestinian detainees who have gone on hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

The ministry said that the hunger strikers are at risk of death.

It added that the health condition of prominent Palestinian prisoner Abdullah Barghouti, who went on hunger strike more than three months ago, is getting worse in Afula Hospital.

The ministry said that Israel is still holding 5,100 Palestinian detainees, including 250 children and 14 women, in 17 prisons.

It also noted that 537 prisoners were serving one or multiple life sentences, including Barghouthi, who had the highest sentence of 67 life terms and an additional 250 years behind bars.

The report noted that about 1,400 prisoners were in a tough health condition, including 18 held at an Israeli hospital suffering from various disabilities, types of paralysis, heart diseases, and cancer.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians have marched through the streets of the Ramallah in occupied West Bank to show their support for the prisoners.

(Source / 03.08.2013)

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