Sources refute claims made by Fatah over documents being fake



GAZA, (PIC)– Sources in Hamas movement have refuted Fatah claims that the documents exposed by Hamas recently are “fabricated and falsified”.

Hamas had published, in a news conference on Tuesday in the Gaza Strip, documents that prove the involvement of Fatah and members of the Palestinian Authority in a malicious campaign to tarnish Hamas’s image.

Informed sources told the PIC reporter that the name Fakhri Al Omari, which was mentioned in one of the documents and which Fatah said that he died several years ago, is in fact Mohammed Fakhri Al Omari who is an intelligence officer currently working at the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo, and is used to signing as Fakhri Al Omari in his letters.

Concerning Fatah’s refutation of the letterheads claiming that PA departments use “State of Palestine” letterheads rather than “the Palestinian National Authority”, the sources confirmed that some PA departments is still using the “Palestinian National Authority” name as a letterhead.

The sources pointed out that websites affiliated with Fatah have published fake documents with fabricated letterheads as an attempt to refute the documents published by Hamas.

For his part, Sami Abu Zahri, the spokesman for Hamas movement, called on PA to stop its futile attempts at vindicating itself and to put an end to its incitement campaign against Hamas movement to keep the national relations.

(Source / 02.08.2013)

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