Protests against the Negotiations (Twitter)

Countless Israeli war criminals have lived & prospered on Palestinian land, usurping Palestinian resources, never spending a night in jail

Israel’s agents in the west bank PA army attacking Palestinians protesting against Negotiations with Israel

#PFLP question what authority Abbas has 2 negotiate & why no mention of a referendum. Also what happened to stopping settlements #Palestine

The Palestinian Prisoners Society on Sunday published a list of detainees expected to be freed as part of a release deal by #Israel.

Israeli forces arrest citizens in Ramallah including a journalist

We marched to the police station. the police is trying to provoke us. The same coin of colonialism. #no2negotiations

The PA just sent some thugs to do a counter protest. Theyre advancing. This can turn ugly. #no2negotiations

BREAKING #Israel cabinet approves release of 104 #Palestinian prisoners in advance of #Israeli#Palestinian peace talks in #Washington

Peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians will formally resume Monday in Washington, U.S. State Department says.

BREAKING NEWS: #Israeli#Palestinian peace talks to begin in Washington on Tuesday

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