Thousands march in global protests against Israeli occupation

‘Global March to Jerusalem’ was held around the world to protest Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories
Istanbul/Cairo/Gaza  (AA) – Demonstrators gathered for “Global March to Jerusalem” around the world on Friday to protest Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and to mark the 46th anniversary of the Israeli-Arab War.

Palestinians living in Istanbul organized the Istanbul leg of the protests and the march began after the Friday prayer.

Crowds also protested against the violence in Iraq and Syria chanting slogans against the Assad Regime.

Head of “Global March to Jerusalem Platform” Mahmoud Aktun said Israel was destroying Jerusalem’s Islamic culture, emphasizing that the Jewish would never rule over in the region.

There were also protests in the Turkish capital, Ankara, demanding liberation for Jerusalem and all of Palestinian territories.

Thousands in Egypt’s capital Cairo took to the streets in the march to support Palestine. Demonstrators held banners that read “walking from Egypt to Jerusalem”  and “Jerusalem is in our hearts.”

In the protests in Gaza international groups attended the march as well as Palestinians.

(Source / 07.06.2013)

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