Extension of detaining 4 Jerusalemites and the release of 4 others

The Magistrate Court Judge extended the arrest of 4 Jerusalemites and released 4 others ordering them to keep distance from Damascus Gate. Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud from Al Dameer organization said that the Magistrate Court extended the arrest of Abdelfattah Abdulrahman until next Sunday;note that he was arrestedfromDamascus Gate on Wednesday.

The 14 year old, Abulraheem Izz Eddin, who was kidnapped on Wednesday while going to school, will be detained until next Sunday.

The court released Hamza Abulhawa, Daoud Rayan, Mohammad Abu Rammouz and Munir Mahmoud, ordering them to stay away from Damascus Gate for 60 days and with a third-party bail.

The court also extended yesterday the arrest of Suhaib and Shidad Al-A’war who are accused of throwing a Molotov on Ras Al-Amoud settlement until next Sunday to continue investigating their case.

The house arrest imposed on Khalil Al-Abbasi “Abu Firas”, 55, was extended until the 1st of September, while Salah Al-A’war was ordered to stay home until the 2nd of October, 2013.

(Source / 10.05.2013)

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