Father Hanna slams Israel’s actions during Easter and Holy Saturday holiday



OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Father Atallah Hanna, Archbishop of the Palestinian Orthodox Church in occupied Jerusalem, strongly denounced the Israeli arbitrary measures that were taken last Saturday against the Christian worshipers as they were commemorating the Easter day and the Holy Saturday in the old city.

In a press release on Monday, Father Hanna said that physically assaulting the clergy and the faithful and preventing them from marching to the Church of the Resurrection were aimed to thwart the Orthodox holidays in Jerusalem.

He added that such Israeli actions target the Christian presence in the holy city and are part of the Jewish campaign against the Christian and Islamic religious events.

“We have repeatedly condemned the Zionist measures against our holy places and holidays but to no avail, and the same incidents happen every year as if we are asked to stay silent and defenseless as we are beaten, humiliated and insulted,” the Archbishop emphasized.

He said that Israel turned Jerusalem into a military base during the Easter holiday and made it hard for the Christians to visit the Church of the Resurrection, criticizing the human rights groups for their silence on Israel’s violations against the Christians and their religious holidays.

“We are suppressed as Palestinians and Christians and there are always intents to sabotage our Christian holidays which have a spiritual and humanitarian message,” Hanna said.

(Source / 08.05.2013)

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