UPDATE: Libyan Defence Minister Reconsiders Resignation

Upon a request by the Prime Minister Ali Zidan, the Libyan Defence Minister Mohamed El-Barghathi has reconsidered his resignation he announced early Tuesday in a press conference.

A statement by the Office of the Prime Minister said “the government did not received an official resignation letter by the defence minister and the PM asked him to carry on his duties.”

“The minister expressed his understanding of the conditions the country is experiencing and confirmed that he would continue in his job,” the statement added.

Earlier, the Office of the Prime Minister Ali Zidan issued a statement saying his cabinet “still works with all its members” and concentrating on its priorities.

The statement also said that the government denies statement by Mr. Saad El-Urrfi who has been presented by the media as the Military Governor of the South in which he claimed that Chadian troops entered Libyan territories.

“This person is civilian, he does not work at the office of the Military Governor of the South and he is not authorized to do any work as such,” the statement said.

The statement called on Libyan citizens not to believe rumours and hopes that media organizations be more accurate and precious when dispersing news.

Reports on Tuesday said that the Minister of Defence saying that the resignation is not surprising as it has been in the making during the last few days.

The gunmen also put under siege the Prime Minister’s office in Tripoli on Monday night demanding that Ali Zidan resigns.

There were also reports that both the Minister of Interior and Minister of Electricity have resigned on Monday.

On Monday, gunmen seized the headquarters of the General Electric Company in Tripoli who attacked its general manager and other employees.

A statement issued by the company’s workers said that the company asked for protection from the authorities but they did not answer the request.

(Source / 07.05.2013)

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