Samer Issawi

Shireen Issawi was able to speak to her brother, Samer Issawi, who recently ended a 277 day hunger strike protesting administrative detention.

Part of the conversation was regarding Palestinian detainee, Mansour Moqadah. Samer was disappointed about the silence regarding Mansour’s case. He urged everyone to help Mansour

Mansour Mouqada, a prisoner held in Israel, is in critical health condition after a sudden swelling appeared in his neck, said Palestinian Prisoner Club (PPC) Thursday.

Shireen Issawi was able to speak to her...

Mouqada told a Prisoner Club lawyer that a Red Cross doctor informed him that the appearance of the swelling without feeling any pain is very worrying and it is necessary to take a sample for examination as soon as possible.

Mouqada suffers from hemiplegia and his intestines and stomach were replaced with plastic ones, which were described as a “lump outside his body.”

His case is one of the most serious cases in Ramla prison clinic, said PPC.

Mouqada, who is sentenced to life imprisonment, said he was transferred several days ago to the hospital and was given an injection into the vein, which caused him severe pain.

(Facebook / 02.05.2013)

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