Resheq slams PA for pledging not to move legally against occupation


images_News_2013_05_02_abs-Kerry_300_0[1]BEIRUT, (PIC)– Member of Hamas’s political bureau Ezzat Al-Resheq denounced the Palestinian authority for promising the US not to take legal action against Israel at international courts and bodies as a goodwill gesture towards the peace process.

Resheq made his remarks in response to de facto PA foreign minister Riyadh Al-Maleki who stated recently that the PA pledged to US secretary of state Johan Kerry to freeze its efforts to join UN institutions and halt its intentions to file complaints with international organizations against Israel in order to revive the peace talks.

The Hamas official condemned such position as political disorientation and a waiver of the Palestinian people’s rights.

“How come the people whose land is under occupation, their holy sites are violated and they are exposed every day to killing and arrest start to make goodwill gestures towards the occupation?” Resheq rhetorically questioned.

“20 years of frivolous negotiations which have brought the [Palestinian] cause to a deadlock are not enough for the Oslo team in order for it to start once again making political concessions as good faith gestures for the sake of talks exploited always by the occupation to impose more settlements as a fait accompli, seize more lands and Judaize Jerusalem!” he exclaimed

“There is no option for our people but to be united and devise a national strategy based on steadfastness and resistance in all its forms in order to confront the occupation, and its Judaization and settlement policies because the rights are taken by force and not begged,” the Hamas official emphasized.

For his part, Yousuf Rizqa, the political advisor of the Palestinian premier, castigated the political pledges made by the PA to the US and described it as shameful.

“It is unfortunate that the PA leadership keeps hogging the Palestinian decision-making and act far from the will of the Palestinian people and without the participation of the factions operating on the ground,” Rizqa stressed in a press release.

“This position only reflects a group of people monopolizing the authority and the representation of the people, and contradicts the popular and factional vision, which the Palestinian people dominantly share,” the political advisor said.

He warned it is a grave mistake to use goodwill gestures in the management of the political conflict with the Israeli occupation.

(Source / 02.05.2013)

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