Zahar: the resistance will respond to the occupation in a timely manner


GAZA, (PIC)– The leader in the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, Mahmoud Zahar, said that the Israeli escalation against the Gaza Strip is not an isolated incident but is part of the Israeli daily aggressions.

The resistance will respond to the occupation in a timely manner, he said on his Facebook page on Wednesday, adding that there should be an Arab understanding of our position.

Israeli aircraft assassinated on Tuesday the citizen Haytham al-Sahal in Gaza strip, claiming that he was involved in shelling Umm Rishrash (Eilat) recently.

The Israeli leaders have escalated their threats against the Gaza strip following the formation of the new Israeli government to impose Israeli control after the resistance victory during al-Furqan and Shale Stones wars.

Hamas called on Egypt to pressure the Israeli occupation in order to commit to the truce and stop its aggression.

“We will not accept the sporadic firing of rockets from either the Gaza Strip or Sinai. We will act, and are acting, in order to defend Israeli citizens,” the Israeli war minister said.

(Source / 01.05.2013)

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