Israel killed 4 Palestinians and arrested 259 in April

Israel killed 4 Palestinians and arrested 259 in April

Ahrar– In its monthly report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Ahrar center for human rights and Prisoners studies found that there were 259 abducted cases across West Bank and Gaza strip.

In April the highest numbers of detainees were from Hebron. According to Ahrar Center there were (94) detention cases in Hebron.

(42) Detention cases in Jerusalem, (22) in Nablus, (24) in Bethlehem, (18) in Qalqilya, (20) in Ramallah, (25) in Jenin, (4) in Tubas, (4) in Salfeet, (6) in Tulkarem including Reyad Naasar who was shot by the occupation forces before his arrest.

In Gaza strip, the occupation soldiers detained near the Gaza strip’s borders, Mohammad Khalid Abu Owili, 23.

The center monitored that there were (10) cases were abducted at the checkpoints and two cases at Al-Karamah crossing between Jordan and Palestine including Atta Ayyash, 61, the martyr Yahya Ayyash’s uncle, who was on his return to Jordan after two days visit to his family in Rafat village northern West Bank. In addition to Ahmad Khalid, the brother of the writer prisoner Walid Khalid.

During April, there were four martyrs including martyr prisoner Maysarah Abu Hamdieh, 64, who was suffering from throat cancer, and died due to medical negligence.

In addition to two martyrs, Naji Balbisi, 19, and Amer Nassar, 17, who have been shot dead by the Israeli forces in Tulkarem.

In Gaza strip,  Haitham al-Mishal, 25, was killed when an Israeli warplanes fired at his motorcycle.

(Source / 01.05.2013)

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