Ayman Abu Daoud re-arrested after 4 months of his release



Israeli occupation is still having a policy of re-arresting many liberated Palestinian prisoners, and refuses to end it, and aims to rule them either new provisions, or complement the rest of their previous rule.

One of those prisoners who have been arrested, is captive Ayman Youssef Ahmed Abu Daoud, 31, from Al Khalil, who was arrested by the occupation after his liberation by “wafa alahrar” deal three years ago, he spent in prison seven years and half after he was sentenced to 36 years.

Nabilah Turkey, the wife of captive Ayman Daoud, who works as a teacher in a kindergarten in the city of Al Khalil, said to Ahrar center for Prisoners studies and human rights, that her husband, who taught Islamic law at Al-Quds Open University, in the city of Al Khalil, was arrested for the first time on 27/7 / 2004, and sentenced to 36 years in prison on charges of injuring a settler, but he was released in the exchange deal but, the occupation re-arrested him again.

Demolition of the family home

Nabilah Turkey completes to the center that the occupation and after the first arrest of her husband, came to their house, which located in Al Khalil at dawn, and told them that they intend to demolish the house. She said that they could not save anything, or take it out of the house. This was shocking news for Ayman, when he knew of the demolition of his home, and our old son” and stolen amount of money was in the house, and his cellular devices, and Ayman considers the second liberated prisoner who was re-arrested by the occupation from “wafa alahrar” deal after the arrest of the prisoner Ayman Alsharawneh.

Prisoner Abu Daoud, is suspended in Megiddo prison, and the occupation authorities are trying to rule him for the remainder of the previous rule.

The sons Mohammed, 9 years, and Qutaiba, 5 months, who came to the world and his father in the prison. Their mother went to visit their father for the first time and she was pregnant with him, the soldiers then returned and prevented her from the visit, although she had visit permission and despite suffering pregnancy pain and the discomfort way.

“Abu Mohammed” saw his son Qutaiba for the first time in captivity, it was a beautiful moment to see his son but painful because he saw to him inside the prison.

Prisoner Ayman Abu Daoud, was the brother of the prisoner Mahmoud Abu Daoud, 25 years, and who is serving two years and 10 months, who spent two years and 8 months, three years ago, when he was arrested for the first time and he was 16 years old, and was arrested once another in the age of 21 and spent under the administrative detention for 3 months, and Mahmoud is a student at Palestine Polytechnic University, he finished only one year.

prisoners Ayman and Mahmoud Abu Daoud, are the brothers of martyr Raed Abu Daoud, who died in 2001 when he was trying to save an injured person by the Israeli bullets in the area called (Alharamieh vally) near the Ibrahimi Mosque, he was fired by the soldiers and he was 21-year-old.

For his part, Fuad Al-Khuffash the director of the center said thar Ayman threatened to restore the previous rule, which is more than 30 years under Israeli law 186 which threatens captive Ayman Alsharawneh and Samer al-Issawi.

Al-Khuffash said that prisoner Ayman and his family suffer from media neglect.

(Source / 25.03.2013 / 01.05.2013)

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