#PalHunger | Sit-in staged in solidarity with hunger striker Abu Daoud

images_News_2013_04_29_sit-in_300_0[1]AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Dozens of citizens, MPs, representatives of national and Islamic forces, and the Palestinian prisoner’s society staged a sit-in on Monday in Al-Khalil in solidarity with detained hunger striker Ayman Abu Daoud.

Dr. Aziz Dweik, the speaker of the Palestinian legislative council, spoke at the rally hailing the Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike and demanding greater popular support for their cause.

Mother of the hunger striker Abu Daoud said that her son decided to go on hunger strike while his heart is full of faith in the Almighty Allah, which is the sure road leading to his freedom.

Amjad Al-Najjar, the head of the prisoner’s society in Al-Khalil, quoted Jawad Bulous, Abu Daoud’s lawyer, as saying that the Israeli occupation authority was trying to reinstate charges against his client in order to allow his return to jail to serve the remaining years of his 29-year sentence.

Abu Daoud was released in the Wafa Al-Ahrar prisoners’ exchange deal but was arrested only six months after his release.

Abu Daoud, who has started his hunger strike two weeks ago demanding his freedom, was only consuming salt and drinking water, according to his lawyer.

The detainee was adamant on persisting in his strike until his freedom. Abu Daoud’s wife gave birth to a baby three months after his re-arrest. The baby is now seven months old and his father could not even hold him in his arms.

(Source / 30.04.2013)

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