Is there a war coming?


Gaza Events – Translation

Became the smell of war smelt strongly during these days, especially after several movements in the region, and continues to Zionist threats against Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, one sentence, but the question Is Israel will open more than one front at the same time and the fate of the Gaza Strip in the event of any threats are different, Will the weakest sector ..

The following are the main threats and moves towards Gaza, Iran, Hezbollah and Syria …

Gaza: it has accelerated the pace of the Zionist threats towards Gaza, it would respond strongly about any violation of the calm, especially after the fall of several rockets from Sinai towards Eilat and accused groups from Gaza as are fired rockets towards Israel, puts many question marks about the intercalation Gaza as new all What touches “Israel” ..

Hezbollah: Perhaps the threats towards Gaza was continuing but the plane that was shot down drone in Haifa two days before the confused accounts of the occupation and the re-indictment of Hezbollah and especially to remind them plane Ayoub which was discovered a year ago, occupation seeks to unlock the mystery plane and find out if it was carrying explosives on the way to an operation against Israeli targets.

While Israel refuses to deny Hezbollah its relationship to the aircraft, estimated that the gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea was the target plane, convinced Hezbollah that strike similar will balance strategic and, according to the Israelis, Hezbollah looking for the balance of deterrence against Israel in the wake of threats to the elimination of its arsenal of rockets, it which ruled out an Israeli views, seeking to minimize the seriousness of the plane.

Syria: U.S. intelligence statements have varying degree of confidence that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons on a limited scale and particularly gas serine ‘raises many question marks about what is setting him.

After this statement of Mr. Hegel few minutes hastened the British Foreign Ministry to emphasize that it has information showing that chemical weapons were used in Syria, and called on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to cooperate with international bodies to prove that he did not order their use.

We do not believe that the release of these two positions, and in coordinating an arbitrator, is coincidental, These two two countries were the backbone of the wars the last three waged by the West, and NATO in particular, to change regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya .., President Barack Obama said more than once that the Syrian regime to use chemical weapons is a ‘red line’, and that the American response it would be Cilgela.

Now it’s emphasis on penetrating this line from intelligence sources, the first U.S. and British second.

U.S. official says all options are on the table and another, confirms that the administration consult with its allies if Syria exceeded the red line, Vered U.S. Congress that the red line has already been surpassed. It was carefully prepared plan to prepare U.S. public opinion for war.

And Iran: the wheel threats continued and leaks about what he is doing Hegel, U.S. Defense Secretary, who roams the capitals Gulf for the sale of aircraft and missiles modern to counter any Iranian threat, indicating that there is a war coming being prepared her well .. may be the Gulf states cover them ..

For his part, Mr. Tawfiq Abu Schumer, writer and Zionist familiar with the matter, that Israel can not live without a war, which is currently seeking to war against Hezbollah, Syria being the long arm of Iran.

Schumer between Abu Israel is trying to seize the opportunity, so as to obtain weapons from America is not Israel could be obtained at any time.

And around Gaza has pointed out that Gaza for “Israel” hot area and important, but became especially after the split, according to Athbh occupation as unrecognized because they do not recognize the Quartet conditions, warning that if any operation on Gaza, there will not be any movement Arabic: wars Previous mounted on the Gaza biggest proof of that.

And about the ability of Israel confront more than one front, “he noted that the Air Force is the most powerful weapons of the Middle East, Israel is capable of strikes harsh for all parties and will not be attacks ground invasion adding that Israel does not fight alone and with many may be invisible.

(Source / 27.04.2013)

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