Egypt’s ElBaradei slams Shura Council over judicial authority law

Egypt’s ElBaradei slams Shura Council over judicial authority lawEgypt’s ElBaradei lashes out at Shura Council.

CAIRO: Nobel Laureate and opposition leader, Mohamed ElBaradei, criticized the performance of Egypt’s Islamist- led Shura Council (upper house of the parliament) on Sunday, describing it as incompetent.

The coordinator of Egypt’s opposition National Salvation Front and head of the Dostour Party said that the “Shura Council is trying to undermine the judiciary and freedoms.”

“Is it morally acceptable for the representatives of civil parties and for those who believe in democracy to uphold their membership in an unqualified and non-representative council that tries to shatter freedoms and threatens judicial independence,” the former head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog wandered on his Twitter account.

According to Egypt’s newly adopted constitution, the Shura Council had assumed full legislative powers until the election of a new People’s Assembly (lower house).

The Shura Council head, Ahmed Fahmy, had stressed that the council would use its legislative powers in a minimalistic manner, denying that the council would use its powers to pass several laws before the election of the People’s Assembly.

Meanwhile, the Shura Council is currently discussing the judicial authority law, in preparation for its adaptation.

In response,  the Judges’ Club sent a legal warning to the Shura Council’s head to prevent him from passing the judicial authority law, saying, “The legislative authority that the constitution grants to the Shura Council is only temporary and should be limited to pressing legislation only.”

(Source / 22.04.2013)

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