Egypt activists launch campaign to combat violence in Egypt schools

Egypt activists launch campaign to combat violence in Egypt schoolsNew campaign launched to monitor school violence in Egypt.

CAIRO: A number of non-governmental organizations on Monday launched a campaign to stop “abuses in Egyptian schools” and to monitor events of violence against students.

The campaign, launched by Nazra for feminist studies center, Fouada Watch initiative and Bahya ya Misr movement among other 12 organizations, aims at drawing attention to the growing number of incidents of violence directed towards students.

“There is a marked increase of repeated violence against students in public schools throughout the different levels of education, this has become a nationwide phenomenon,” said the founding statement of the campaign.

The statement added that schools are adopting a wrong perception of the Egyptian culture, justifying violence as a means of adjusting the students’ behavior.

The campaign aims at forming pressure groups to work on combating violence in schools, pointing that the prevalence of violence is a direct result of “the absence of the supervision of education ministry.”

“We will work within the framework of our commitment to international agreements on child rights,” the statement said.

The campaign called on journalists and human rights activists and anyone concerned with the development of the educational process to join them in order to shed the light on violence in schools.

(Source / 22.04.2013)

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