Barhoum: Arrest of Islamic bloc leaders blatant intervention in elections


images_News_2013_04_21_barhoum_300_0[1]GAZA, (PIC)– Hamas movement denounced the Israeli occupation’s campaign of arrests in lines of Islamic bloc leaders at the Najah university in Nablus.

Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, said in a press release on Sunday that the campaign of arrests only two days before the students’ elections is a clear intervention in the election process and students’ representation.

He said that it also reflected the Israeli occupation’s concern over the success of the Islamic bloc, affiliated with Hamas, and its resistance program that has won escalating support as evident in the elections in other West Bank universities over the past few weeks.

Barhoum said that all such terrorizing campaigns and persecution by both the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank would not deter the students and would not weaken their support for their representatives

The spokesman expressed his movement’s concern that such a campaign was in line with the security coordination between the Israeli occupation and the PA security agencies in a bid to destroy democracy and to retain the West Bank isolated from the rest of the homeland in a way maintaining the current de facto situation that protects the occupation’s interests.

(Source / 21.04.2013)

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