Palestinian-Jordanian crossing open for trade for the first time


Chief of General Committee for Crossings and Borders, Nazmi Mohana, announced on Thursday that Al-Karama Crossing connecting Jordan with the West Bank will open on Friday for the first time for commercial purposes.

“This is the first time the crossing is going to be used for commerce,” Mohana said in a statement. “This is to lessen the sufferings of the Palestinian traders in the West Bank and to facilitate the entrance of goods and commercial tracks condensed in the Jordanian side of the Crossing.”

The statement also said the crossing will be opened from 8am to 3pm. Mohana said the opening of the crossing has been arranged between the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Israel.

Al-Karama Crossing is the only exit for Palestinians in the West Bank to the outside world. It is administered jointly by the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli occupation, and is only used by people.

Israel prevents Palestinian individuals and officials from leaving the West Bank for reasons which are unknown, occasionally claiming security issues are behind this prevention. Many Palestinians have been detained by the Israeli occupation for leaving or entering the crossing.

Israel close the crossing for religious and national occasions.

(Source / 19.04.2013)

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