Take Action and Support Palestinian Prisoners.

Dirar Abu Sisi, aged 43 who was kidnapped by Israeli intelligence from Ukraine, then transferred to Israeli jails where he is being tortured. Abu Sisi was snatched by force and under gun threatening while taking the train from Kharkov city to Kiev in Ukraine on the 18th Feb. 2011.

Abu Sisi is suffering physical and psychological problems in Ashkelon prison due to Israeli torture and inhuman treatment. The kidnapped Ukrainian resident suffers from heart problems, asthma, gallbladder, lipids and migraines all of which have worsened due to medical negligence.

The detainee was tortured and deprived from sleeping for a long time while interrogation which lasted 65 days at Bethtikva and Askhelon detention centers. This in addition to the physical torture he encountered at Ukrainian soil which lasted 5-6 hours.

(Facebook / 18.04.2013)

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