65 Years later

Dayr Yasin, a village strategically located one mile from Jerusalem, was invaded by Zionist forces on April 9, 1948. In a single day, approximately 100 unarmed Palestinian men, women and children were massacred at the hands of Jewish Irgun and Lehi militia as part of a broader campaign to remove Palestinians from the territory that would become Israel. For Palestinians, the Dayr Yasin massacre represents a gratuitously savage atrocity committed against innocent Palestinian civilians.

In remembrance of the 65 years that have passed since Dayr Yasin, the Institute for Palestine Studiesand the Journal of Palestine Studies are making available free of charge for this week only “The De-Arabization of Jerusalem 1947-50,” by Nathan Krystall, that describes the context surrounding the progressive de-population of Arabs in Jerusalem.

“The De-Arabization of Jerusalem 1947-50,” by Nathan Krystall in JPS Vol. 27, No. 2 (Winter 1998), pp. 5-22

(Source / 17.04.2013)

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