Protest the shameful celebration of 65 years of ethnic cleansing

On Tuesday 16th April 2013, 10,000 Zionists will celebrate 65 years of murder, rape, pillage and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people at Wembley Arena “Celebrate Israel 65 Gala Concert”.


In the absence of any of the large Palestine solidarity groups mobilizing to counter-protest this grotesque desecration a few grass roots activists are organising a response. Please join us outside Wembley Arena on Tuesday 16th April at 6:30pm.

If we do not stand up for the Palestinians on this day what good is our solidarity?


Protest outside Wembley Arena,
Arena Square,
Engineers Way,
London HA9 OAA
Tuesday 16th April
6:30pm – 7:30pm

(Wembley Park Tube station)

(Source / 16.04.2013)

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