Palestinians in Netherlands call on the world to support prisoners

images_News_2013_04_06_holland_300_0[1]AMSTERDAM, (PIC)– Palestinians in the Netherlands denounced the EU countries’ silence at the Israeli abuses against the Palestinian prisoners and the policy of medical neglect inside the occupation jails.

The Palestinian House in the Netherlands described the Israeli abuses against the Palestinian prisoners as war crimes, crimes against humanity, and flagrant violation of international law.

It said in a press statement that it has called on the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the members of the Dutch Parliament to take a firm position regarding the occupation authorities’ violations against the Palestinian prisoners and people.

The House condemned the suspicious silence of the international community regarding the Israeli abusive violations, noting that such an attitude “encourages the occupation to commit more crimes.”

According to the House, the occupation has killed 204 Palestinian prisoners in its jails since 1967, not to mention those who died shortly after their release from illnesses they suffered in captivity.

It called on the international community to put the Palestinian prisoners’ issue at the top of its priorities, stressing that the international human rights organizations’ positions regarding the violations against the prisoners “are still below the required level.”

The Palestinian House called for organizing more events around the world in solidarity with prisoners and prosecuting Israel for committing such crimes against the captives.

It also announced that it is preparing to commemorate the Palestinian Prisoners’ Day, which is marked on the 17th of April, by organizing public events that aim to raise European public opinion’s awareness about the suffering of the Palestinian detainees.

(Source / 07.04.2013)

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