Health ministry: Israeli jail doctors cannot be trusted to treat the patients


images_News_2013_04_06_prisoner-0_300_0[1]GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza expressed its deep concern over the lives of more than 1,000 Palestinian patients in Israeli jails due to the reported medical neglect they are being exposed to.

On his facebook page, spokesman for the health ministry Ashraf Al-Qudra stated on Saturday that the recent report by the Israeli physicians for human rights confirmed that the Palestinian patients detained in Israeli jails face systematic executions at the hands of prison doctors.

Spokesman Qudra added that the daily reports about the poor health conditions of the Palestinian prisoners prove that the Israeli doctors in Israeli jails cannot be trusted to take good care of them.

He said that the physicians for human rights’ report entails immediate intervention from the Red Cross who should undertake its international responsibilities fully and hasten to ensure the access of the prisoners to proper medical care as stipulated by the international humanitarian law and the third and fourth Geneva conventions.

He also appealed to the world health organization and all concerned health groups worldwide to condemn the unethical practices of the Israeli jail doctors towards the Palestinian prisoners.

(Source / 07.04.2013)

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