The Israeli army on Tuesday morning (2/4) launched air strikes in northern Gaza. According to sources, there were no dead or injured casualties, only few buildings were destroyed. 

Palestinian Interior Ministry in Gaza said that the Israeli aircraft bombarded an open area in northern Gaza. “There are few buildings were destroyed by its missiles,”  the official said, according to Al Jazeera reports monitored by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).

Meanwhile, the Israeli claimed that the attack was in retaliation with  Gaza rocket attack before, but Israel did not provide further explanation. So far there’s no Palestinian groups claimed responsibility for the rocket attacks.

Abu Hamdiyeh, a Fatah leader from the city of Hebron, died in an Israeli hospital Soroka, Israel. He allegedly impaired sore throat and after a further examined, it turns out to a type of cancer that has spread to his spine.

Some sources mentioned that Abu Hamdiyeh be given  a painkillers by the Israeli prison authorities. Delays of medical treatment delivery was the main reason for the death of Hamdiyeh.

Meanwhile, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad condemned Israel for its negligence. “The delay of the Israel Medical has caused the death of Abu Hamdiyeh,” said Abbas.

The attack is a major Israeli offensive on Gaza Strip after a peace treaty agreement between Israel and Hamas in late November, 2012.

Israel and Hamas agreed for a ceasefire brokered by Egyptian government after Israeli attack killed at least 170 Palestinians as well as hundreds of others were injured in eight day war. Between Israel and the Palestinians, there were dozens times of a peace treaty agreement has been held. But Israel always broke the treaty with the various reasons that they set up in such a way.

(Source /03.04.2013)

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