Hunger striker Samer Issawi sends condolences to family of Abu Hamdiyeh


203770_345x230[1]RAMALLH (Ma’an) –Long-termhunger striker Samir Issawi on Tuesday sent his condolences to the family of Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh, who died in Israeli custody after a battle with cancer.

“Maysara died for the battle of dignity and pride, which is fought by thousands of steadfast Palestinians,” Issawi wrote in a letter passed to his lawyer Jawad Boulus.

“Here we walk the path that would either lead us to dignified freedom, or to martyrdom for the soil of our land,” wrote Issawi.

After nine months on hunger strike, Issawi’s heart muscles are dangerously weak, and the low levels of minerals and salts in his blood could cause brain damage, medics said, according to the lawyer.

Issawi, who was transferred to the Kaplan Medical Center on Feb. 27, is determined to continue his strike and refuses any supplements in his water, Bulous added.

Bulous called for international intervention in Issawi’s case “before it is too late,” warning that if no action was taken, Abu Hamdiyeh would not be the last to die in Israeli prison.

Palestinian leaders on Tuesday blamed Israeli prison authorities for Abu Hamdiyeh’s death, saying that the prisoner did not receive treatment until his cancer had spread.

Abu Hamdiyeh was admitted to Soroka Hospital in late March, after his cancer had spread from his throat to his spinal cord. Before his hospitalization, Abu Hamdiyeh had complained he was only receiving pain killers to treat his cancer.

News of his death sparked riots in several prisons in Israel and protests on Palestinian streets, as well as condemnations from across the political spectrum.

(Source / 03.04.2013)

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