On Abu Hamdiya’s death, 50 injuries inside prisons

Al Ray, Gaza – More than 50 prisoners have been wounded inside Israeli prisons as IPS’s oppression against them is ongoing, following the death of the prisoner Maiysara Abu Hamdiya.

A state of turmoil is now inside the prisons, where there are skirmishes between prisoners and prison administration.

The prisoners began beating on their cells’ doors protesting the death of Abu Hamdiya as a result of deliberate medical neglect by the prison administration of ‘Eshel’.

It is noteworthy that the prisoners will run into hunger strike, as from tomorrow, Wednesday, to continue for three days in all Israeli jails.

Abu Hamdiya passed this morning, in Soroka hospital in the occupied city of Beersheba, after battling against cancer in the throat and neck.

(Source / 02.04.2013)

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