Irish activist injured by IDF in West Bank

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Irish activist, Tommy Donnellan  was shot in the arm today by Israeli forces,  while he was filming in Nabi Salah, West bank. Tommy is a well known activist in Ireland and has been instrumental in many activities such as the highlighting of the mislabelling of Goods by Israel, speaking out against Human Right abuses, calling for safe passage of ships to Gaza , BDS etc…. He is always on the front line and I  am sure will continue to be , We wish Tommy a speedy recovery and will update when possible.



Speaking from Nabi Saleh, Tommy Donnellan said: “I was filming the protest when suddenly I was shot in the arm by a rubber-coated steel bullet, fired by an Israeli soldier from about forty feet away. I think I was deliberately targeted as a journalist as my video camera was plainly visible, and there was no stone throwing going on anywhere near me. After being hit I remonstrated with the soldier who fired on me. He then went back down on onto his knee adopting a firing position; luckily I was able to run to the cover of a nearby wall.”

Mr. Donnellan also said that: “It’s important to stress that while today I was hit, Palestinians are injured by these bullets almost every day. Many are also killed by these so-called non-lethal weapons, while the international community looks on and does absolutely nothing.”

Also in Nabi Saleh today, there were reports of many injuries due to tear gas inhalation and several other professional journalists were attacked with rubber bullets, concussion grenades and forced out of the area by the Israeli military.

(Source / 29.03.2013)

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