Syrian opposition fighters eye up Damascus and call for advanced weapons

An FSA fighter tells Al Arabiya’s correspondent Rima Maktabi that weapons they have accumulated can travel distances of up to two to five kilometers.

Ammunition and weapons are the Free Syrian Army’s primary concern as the conflict and struggle to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad enters it’s third year.

The Syrian regime forces are equppied with immense firepower compared to the oppostion fighters and have shelled and bombed cities across the country. They have left  the opposition scattered in some places and unable to fight back equally given the lack of heavy weaponry.

The video report (follow link) sent by Al Arabiya’s correspondent Rima Maktabi films a training workshop which belongs to the opposition, where weapons like anti-craft missiles are stored.

Abu Fady, an opposition fighter, told Maktabi that Syrian fighters are eyeing up Damascus and expect Assad to fall soon.

“A non-Muslim regime uses clerics, Jihad and plays Quran to call for support” adding “We do not want to be very optimistic and say weeks or days, but the regime will be done in months,” Abu Fady said.

Another FSA fighter tells Al Arabiya that the weapons they have stored can travel distances of up to two to five kilometers.

The opposition fighters accumulated the armory shown in the video after previous battles with Syrian regime forces.

“In some instances…depending on our capabilities…if we had good capabilities…the fighting will be fierce,” one FSA fighter told Maktabi. “If not we halt to collect arms in order to defend ourselves.”

Other arms collected by the FSA come from countries that are allegedly supporting the Syrian uprising.

However, the FSA is looking for more advanced weaponry such as shoulder-mounted anti-aircraft Stinger rockets. But the international community said it is concerned these weapons may fall into the wrong hands.

(Source / 24.03.2013)

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