Meshaal: The Arab Spring is in favor of the resistance


images_News_2013_03_20_mishaal4_300_0[1]BEIRUT, (PIC)– Khaled Meshaal, head of Hamas’s political bureau, renewed his movement’s adherence to the entire Palestinian land, and stressed that all Palestine is an Arab Islamic land.

Meshaal said that Palestine is the homeland and a legitimate right for the Palestinian people, stressing that Palestinians will never give up any part of their land, whatever the reasons, circumstances and pressures.

“We will never recognize the legitimacy of the occupation. This is a principled, political and moral position. We will not recognize the legitimacy of “Israel” and its presence on any part of Palestine”, he added:

The Hamas leader stressed that the liberation of Palestine is a national and legitimate duty. It is the responsibility of the Palestinian people and the whole Arab and Islamic nation, said Meshaal, stressing that resistance in all its forms, especially the armed one, is the only and the right way for liberating Palestine and restoring all the stolen rights.

Meshaal said that the Arab Spring, in addition to its role in the nation’s renaissance, represents also a strategic and important development towards the liberation of Palestine and the confrontation of the Zionist project.

He stressed that the Arab Spring and the changes in the Arab world are giving Hamas and the Palestinian resistance movements the opportunity to work in a better environment that supports resistance, and adheres to the constants and the Palestinian national rights.

The Arab Spring has strengthened Hamas relationships with the Arab countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, which has increased Israeli concern and confusion, Khaled Meshaal added.

(Source / 21.03.2013)

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