Israeli army demolish more buildings in Palestinian village

It’s a move many interpret as an act of vengeance. The Israeli army has carried out demolition orders in the West Bank– including the city of Jerusalem al-Quds. Many Human rights groups believe that Israel is trying to divide the West Bank in order to further isolate Palestinians.
The Israeli army demolished 3 buildings in the West Bank, which included a famers outhouse in the village of Akrabe in Nablus, a mosque in the south Hebron hills and a house in Jerusalem al-Quds.

Furthermore settlers attacked a small house in the village of Libon outside of Ramallah, although little damage was caused.

Human rights groups have stated that there is a pattern in the demolitions which take place in the West Bank, particularly after a diplomatic victory.

Human rights groups are further concerned that, due to the surge of new Israeli settlements being constructed in the West Bank, this is dividing the West bank and further isolating Palestinians from Jerusalem.

Khalil Shaheen further explained how the West Bank will be divided.

The destruction of the famers house in Akrabe is an example of how the Israeli Authorities are preventing economic growth in the West Bank as thousands of famers houses and property are under demolition orders and many farmers now need special permission to enter their land.

There has been a recent surge of housing demolitions at the hands of the Israeli army which includes this farm outhouse here in Akrabe.

Human rights groups are becoming increasingly more concerned that Israel is taking punitive measures against the Palestinians particularly after their victory at the UN.

( / 05.12.2012)

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