Afghanistan: War Without an End


The United States is now known to have been building at least 14 secret military bases throughout Afghanistan. Why are they secret? I believe it is to hide the government’s real intention to remain there much longer that it “needs” to be.

Now we must ask what is the “need” if the mastermind and much of the group named for conceiving and funding 9/11 have already been murdered? This of course includes Osama bin Laden and many of his Al-Qaeda soldiers and Taliban resistance. Of course I do not believe that bin Laden or Al-Qaeda had anything to do with 9/11. Also recall that he and many of those who supposedly hijacked those planes were Saudi.

The United States true intentions of occupying Afghanistan are likely to be the following:

1. Secure a natural gas pipeline and other resources within or local to Afghanistan. This is now well documented.

2. Build a local staging area from where to launch wars of aggression in the middle east especially Iran. This secures control over petroleum exporting nations and of course their oil. It also leans on oil exporting nations to continue to only use Federal Reserve Notes (U.S. dollars) for trade. It also shelters Israel from attacks by its hostile Muslim neighbors.

3. A possible local staging area to pressure or provoke an attack on Russia which may not wish to be part of the New World Order (NWO). Or simply to initiate another cold war with Russia. This would reign in support for perpetuating the growth of the military industrial complex. This is big business and such corporations do much lobbying to secure contracts and growth.

4. Build a local staging area to pressure or launch an attack on China which may not wish to be part of the NWO. Or of course to keep China “in check” with a second cold war because they are quickly growing into a superpower and the United States might have to default on many of the loans given by China. Similarly to prior point this would also grow profits for defense and finance corporations.

5. Keep Americans under the illusion that the United States is still fighting the war on terror. This breeds obedience and helps to generate more domestic authoritarian control (the state ignores our constitution and limits our civil rights). This is essential if the NWO is to be successful.

All of these possible reasons reduce down to profits and control — a one world government that manages all of the world’s resources including our labor. This is opposite to free market capitalism and equal individual human rights. Such a government would result in world wide enslavement.

Your thoughts on this are most welcome. Thank you.

(Facebook / 24.04.2012)

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