“UN monitors brought death with them”

The video below purports to show the neighbourhood of Arbaeen after it was shelled. Activists have distributed the names of 33 people killed in Hama today, in neighbourhoods visited by UN monitors yesterday.

An activist in the city told Al Jazeera that he thought the area was targeted in revenge after residents went out to meet the observers.

“UN monitors brought death with them,” he said.

The dead were either killed by shelling or by gunfire, he said, adding that women and elderly were among those killed.

“Old men who tried to flee were targeted by snipers.”

The activist said Arbaeen had seen large anti-government protests in the past. Asked whether there were opposition fighters in the area, he said: “There might be, but today’s shelling was targeted to kill, not to arrest.

“Many homes were destroyed, many people arrested.”


(blogs.aljazeera.com / 23.04.2012)

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