Nablus residents protest against rubbish dump

NABLUS (Ma’an) — Dozens of residents in Nablus demonstrated outside municipal offices on Saturday to demand that the local council remove a rubbish dump which they say is a health hazard.

Protesters called for the Palestinian Authority to intervene in removing the dump, which they say contaminates ground water in the area and emits a foul smell.

Dr Jawad Beitar, head of a local committee in Nablus, told Ma’an that the rubbish site, situated in the al-Badhan area, posed a threat to the health of residents.

Nablus mayor Adli Yaish said the dumping site was constructed on the condition that it would not endanger public health, adding that he has ordered a committee to examine the risks of the site.

A local council official said that the dump discourages tourists and locals from visiting the area.

( / 21.04.2012)

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