Destruction of EU development projects in the West Bank and Gaza

On October 17, 2011, British MEP Chris Davies (ALDE) asked questions to the European Commission asking for clarifications about the details of the destruction of EU development projects in the West Bank and Gaza between 2001 and 2008, as well as since 2008. To read the full questions, click here:Parliamentary questions for witten answer to the Commision.

Gaza II 095 1
EU-funded Rafah International Airport (9.5 million euros) and its tarmac runway
funded by Egypt (6 million euros) bulldozed by Israel. Source: Stuart Reigeluth.
On November 30, 2011, European Commissioner for DG Enlargement, Mr. Stefan Füle, answered jointly on behalf of the Commission and concluded that: “In addition EU humanitarian funding continues to be provided to United Nations agencies and International non‑governmental organisations, supporting the rehabilitation of dwellings, water cisterns and water networks in both West Bank and Gaza Strip.” To read the full answer, click here: Commission answers to MEP Davies

Gaza 113
Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation funded by Germany, Denmark, France
and the European Commission.
To view the full list of 82 development projects destroyed by Israel incurring financial losses of approximately 50 million euros of which the European Union incurred losses of about 30 million euros, click here: pdfPhysical Damages Inflicted by the IDF Attackd to EU-Funded Development Projects in Palestine

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