A must read: Israeli Assassination In Cold Blood In A Quiet Village ~ by @KawtherSalam

إعتقال سجين محرر أطلقت سراحه إسرائيل وأستشهاد شقيقه برصاص السلطة الفلسطينية

Israel no longer carries out assassinations and arrests of Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank alone. It is now so that the zionist israel delegates the dirty work to the so-called “Palestinian National Authority”. It is now enough that any small officer – one of the uncountable desk criminals which populate the israeli bureaucracies – working at an office of the israeli intelligence, sends a list with the names of “wanted people” to their Palestinian counterpart at the “Palestinian security forces” which now replaces the israel military in the implementation of dirty tasks of murder and abduction.

The Palestinian Authority claims that it supports the release of Palestinian prisoners from israeli jails while in truth its thugs are is always ready to carry out the filthy deeds of abducting, jailing and torturing Palestinian politicians and politically inclined people on behalf of the israeli genocide industry. The dirty task is well paid by American and European governments with monies extracted from mostly oblivious western taxpayers. And the PNA “security” elements are perfect at their disgusting task, they are always ready to fabricate charges, justifications and excuses to murder or abduct or torture their victims, the “wanted by Israelis” Palestinians who appear in the murder lists assembled by the israeli desk criminals.

Recently the PNA has once again confirmed its status as a dictatorial regime. The lowlifes of the PNA are very well aware that they have no legitimacy and that they are despised and hated by the majority of Palestinians. This has shown in an ever increasing stream of criticism against the PNA being voiced on the Internet. The reaction of the PNA to this correct and human criticism of their crimes has been a barrage of brutal assaults against Palestinian society – it censors the Palestinian media by jailing and torturing journalists, bloggers and the owners of pages on Facebook.


From left: Dr. Ismat Abed El-Khaleq, Anti corruption blogger Dr. Jamal Abu Rihan, Journalist Yosef Khamis and journalist Yosef Al-Shayeb

During the last month several journalists and bloggers were jailed, among them the professor of journalism at Al-Quds University Dr. Safwat Abed El-khaleqjournalist Yosef Al-Shayeb, journalist Tareq Khamis, and the blogger Jamal Abu Raihan who writes against the corruption at the PNA. All these people were accused of “extending their tongues” (opening their mouth) against the PNA and President Mahmoud Abbas. “Extending ones tongue” is a dictatorial law against freedom of speech which was enacted by the Jordanians in 1960.

On April 15, 2012, the Palestinian police and security forces trained by US-EU special forces executed in cold blood the Palestinian youth Amthal Ghannam al-Ghwadre in the village of Bir al-Basha and arrested his brother Moammar, an ex-prisoner who was released by Israel in October 2011 under the Al-Ahrar deal, the prisoner exchange deal accorded between Hamas and the Israeli occupation under the auspices of Egypt.

Bir al-Basha (“بيرالباشا”) is a village about 15 km from Jenin. It is very quite, beautiful and famous because of the olive trees which surround the town from all sides. The village is divided into two parts by the main street Jenin – Nablus. On the West the village overlooks the town of Arraba.

The Palestinian police spokesperson, General Yoseph Ezrael, claimed that the Palestinian police went to Bir al-Basha to arrest Amthal Ghannam al-Ghwadre, known as Amthal Turkmen, and that “a wanted youth lives in the village”. Supposedly Mr. Turkmen fired at the patrol and forced the police to respond to the fire and to kill him. He added that the Police arrested another wanted person called Muammar Turkmen.

Ezrael said the that the dead youth was wanted for the PA since more than 4 years; he was supposedly sentenced to hard work for life because he was supposedly involved in premeditated murder, forming an armed gang and the shooting at the citizens. He continued justifying his cold-blooded murder saying that the police “have the legal space to respond to fire if somebody attacks them while doing their duty”.

Later, the major of Jenin, Qaddura Mossa, gave a statement at a press conference which put in question the statement of the police spokesman. Major Mossa said that “a quick investigation about the circumstances of the unfortunate incident confirmed that the death of al-Ghwadre happened when group of Palestinians started protesting against the work of the security forces who were engaged in normal activities in the region, including the delivery of notes about people “wanted by justice”. He added that the Palestinians shot at the police and the forces “returned fire” killing the young man Amthal Ghannam Fayez Ghawadre, injuring Muammar Fayez Gawadre and arresting Shadi Ghawadre.” Major Mossa explained that after the security forces controlled the group, they identified them and found that the dead person and the injured person were “fugitives from justice”.

The Palestinian people from the city denied the versions of either the police or the major. They stated that the person murdered by the police was wanted by israel for his political views and activities. He had never terrorized the Palestinians or caused trouble in the village. His brother, who was injured and arrested, had been sentenced for life at israeli jail. He had spent 10 years incarcerated and had recently been recently released by israel in October 2011 within the Al-Ahrar deal.

The people of Bir al-Basha related that the collaborationist PNA forces raided the village and started shooting towards the houses. They did not ask anybody to surrender himself. They sparked a state of chaos and terror among the citizens, especially the children, they shoot in different direction. Their shooting led to the murder of a young lovely person, Aktham Gawadre, and the wounding of his brother who had been released last year from the israeli jails.

The sources from the village described the abduction and murder raids of the PNA collaboratinist forces as similar to the israeli occupation operations which they had experienced during the last decades, saying that there was no difference between what the PNA forces did and what the Israel occupation soldiers did. The sources confirmed that all the residents of the village were terrorized. The PNA collaboratinist forces came to the village, closed all entrances and started spreading an atmosphere of terror and tension before and after the cold-blooded murder of Ghawadre. The villagers said that they would take revenge on the PA elements for the murders and what they did.

The sources expressed their anger and said that the PNA is broadcasting lies and rumors about the assassination of the young man, Mr. Ghawadre, saying that he had been sentenced to imprisonment and hard work, accusing him of being a murderer and and other fabricated and false accusations. The sources said that the murdered person Ghawadre had never lead or participated in any action against anybody in the village, and the Ghawadre brothers had been normal people. They blamed the PNA of terrorism.

They said that it would have been possible to arrest them in a civilized manner, without need of killing, injuring and terrorizing everyone. They added that the PNA does not respect Palestinian citizens and that they make it very easy for any one in the PNA to kill anybody for any small reasons, even for criticism to the reign of terror of the PNA.

The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) stated that according Palestinian sources from the village of Bir Al-Basha, that a state of high tension has engulfed the town and that everybody there is angry and has threatened to take revenge on the PNA leaders in power. According to the report, the arrest of “wanted” people is how the PNA deals with political opposition and that the PNA and its collaborationist forces could not care less for a peaceful existence or the life and livelihood of the citizens.

According to the sources of the PIC, the inhabitants of the village refused last night to bury the dead youth until the killers are punished. Their demand was faced by sending more collaborationist troops to the town and forcing them to bury the body, as well as arresting several protesters.

It should be noted that the village of Bir al-Basha is inhabited by the Ghawadre clan. The person who was murdered by the PA forces belongs to this clan. The clan is well known for its strong patriotism for Palestine and their activism for the Palestinian national rights. The Israeli occupation has jailed dozens of Bir al-Basha citizens and sentenced many them to life for their political views. Among the prisoners are:

Izzat Ghwadre, sentenced to life plus 45 years in jail.

Jacob Ghwadre, sentenced to life plus 45 years in jail.

Shady Ghwadre, sentenced to life imprisonment.

Muammar Ghwadre, sentenced to life plus 30 years, released by Israel and arrested by the PNA.

Mohammed Tawfiq Gwadre, sentenced to three consecutive life sentences plus 35 years.

Walid Tawfiq Ghwadre, sentenced to 13 years in jail.

Mohammad Amin Ghwadre, sentenced to 18 years in jail.

Raafat Ghwadre, sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Sami Ghawdre, sentenced to 12 years in jail.

Sentences of “life plus some years” mean that the Israelis will keep the body of that person in cooling houses or secret numbered cemeteries for the time of the sentence, even if that means hundred or more years after their death.

It is shameful in the extreme that the PNA and its collaborationist elements to put dirt on the name of the Ghawadre clan, whose only “crime” is a long tradition of patriotism and resistance to the Israeli occupation. The PNA regime of traitors and pimps is criminalizing all persons related to resistance in the favour of israel in the service of its own “business”, some millions of dollars and euros which they receive from the Americans and western countries.

(occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com / 18.04.2012)

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