Report: Israel ignores troops’ violence against Palestinians in West Bank

Two young Palestinians are seen during clashes with Israeli forces at a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank.
A report says many Israeli military personnel do not face prosecution over engagement in violent actions against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.
According to Tuesday news reports by Israeli media, hundreds of cases of violence exercised by Israeli forces against Palestinians in the West Bank have been closed without trial of engaged troops since the 2000-2005 Second Intifada against the Israeli occupation.

Human rights organizations say letting Israeli military personnel go without trial in the cases show the Tel Aviv regime’s “commitment” to ignoring violence against Palestinians.

The latest report on Israeli violence against Palestinians comes as about 1,600 Palestinian prisoners began an open-ended hunger strike in the Israeli jails across the occupied territories on Tuesday to protest imprisonment without charge and solitary confinement exercised by the Tel Aviv regime.

Thousands of people also held demonstrations in towns and cities across the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip on Tuesday to express solidarity with the prisoners.

( / 17.04.2012)

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