Israeli police await ‘Welcome to Palestine’ internationals at Ben Guriion airport

We are waiting to hear what happened to two US peace activists en route to Israel to join the “Welcome to Palestine” humanitarian mission to Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine

Two US peace activists boarded planes yesterday, 4/14/12, to join the ‘Welcome to Palestine’ mission.

Palestinian and Israeli peace activists have reported that 650 police are waiting to arrest the ‘Welcome to Palestine’ activists in Ben Gurion airport. Israeli activist MK Michael Ben Ari is keeping them company.

Airport authorities prevent activists from boarding in Geneva, Milhouse, Paris, and Manchester. Protests are ongoing at international airports in France and Britain and others.

In Paris and Brussels, reports on police violence against activists. There’s a photo circulating, not clear from which one of these airports in arrives.

Report from Welcome to Palestine media coordinators in Palestine and Israel:
“At about 6 am, in Europe, a half-dozen passengers, duly provided with their boarding passes and already in the waiting room, however, have been arrested by customs at the airport and placed in a room retention.

This example illustrates the hysteria and hype that seize European airlines and airport authorities, panicked at the thought of not obeying effective enough in the eyes of their principals, the Israeli secret service.

We learned much indeed in the last 24 hours of the procedure of the Israeli Ministry of Interior, regarding the drawing up list of what he calls “pro-Palestinian extremists.”

Thus, there is evidence that management of Easyjet operates in real time with Israel: when a ticket is purchased to Tel Aviv, the customer’s identity is provided to Israel, which is quick, without having any way of verifing whether or not it’s a participant to the mission BienvenuePalestine, and put him on his list. And in one hour, Easyjet, obedient, note down the passenger as off flying!

At last report, a number of participants should, however, be able to board.”

( / 15.04.2012)

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