Abu Halbiyya calls for international lawsuits against Judaization of Jerusalem

The head of the Gaza branch of Al-Quds International Institution and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Ahmed Abu Halbiyya, stressed the need to start immediately bringing lawsuits in international courts against the occupation’s Judaization of Jerusalem.

He explained in a press release to «Quds Press” Agency that bringing such lawsuits at the international level “is enforceable, if adopted seriously by the official Palestinian level, and Arab and Muslim officials.”

He noted the importance of highlighting the occupation’s violations in the Holy Land through the official and popular media, and the need to offer moral and material required support to help and strengthen the resilience of the people there.

Abu Halbiyya also stressed that “the most dangerous thing facing Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem, is those ongoing processes of systematic Judaization which are realized strategically to obliterate the landmarks, the holy sites and the monuments through the confiscations, the construction of settlements, the demolition of homes, the displacement of the residents, the seizure of real estate and the building of synagogues… ”

In reference to the escalation of raids of Al-Aqsa Mosque during the latest weeks and months by settlers, soldiers and foreign tourists; Abu Halbiyya stressed that “through this the occupation is aiming to impose facts on the ground that these squares are not for Muslims and not within al-Aqsa Mosque.”

He also revealed that through these raids the occupation is working to prepare the region to implement the most important plan which is the division of Al-Aqsa Mosque or tear it down completely, when the time comes and build the alleged temple on its ruins.

With the beginning of this year, the incursions of hundreds of Jewish settlers and foreign tourists to al-Aqsa mosque and conducting religious celebrations and rites increased clearly with the support of the Zionist police and with the participation of rabbis and political leaders.

(Facebook / 13.04.2012)

Israel is paranoid about pro-Palestinian activists

Israel will not stand idly by as thousands of activists prepare to arrive on Sunday; it will not miss an opportunity to look ridiculous in the eyes of the world.

And with what shall we frighten the Israeli public in advance of the seventh day of Passover? How will we provide the dose of fear to which it has long since become addicted? After a week of a quiet and safe vacation, we have to find something, after all. The Iranian threat has entered a negotiations freeze, terror is quiet, even the Grad missiles have diminished in number, there is no mass plague on the horizon and even the circumstances of the attack against the Jew in Kiev have not become sufficiently clear.

But Israel has not been abandoned, and the Israeli mind finally hit on something: the pro-Palestinian fly-in “provocation,” as it has already been called. The minister of public security is convening feverish consultations, the airlines have received the “blacklist” prepared in advance by the omniscient security networks, the crime reporter – of course this is about crime, what else? – has already been sent to Ben-Gurion International Airport to greet the looming danger.

Israel is prepared for D-Day this coming Sunday. They say 2,500 activists will land in Israel and sow great fear. Although the crime reporter explained to the nation that the activists do not plan to bear arms or resort to violence, still, when it comes to danger, to terror, to scare-mongering, the forces are already prepared for the big day. The last time, about a year ago, it ended with 127 detainees who were immediately expelled, as they deserved, and the danger was nipped in the bud.

The intentions of the organizers – a visit to demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people, a trip directly from Ben-Gurion to Bethlehem without any violent intent – were immediately blurred and replaced with the usual Israeli accusation: terror and delegitimization. As we accuse any peace lover or human rights activist.

Had Israel not inflated the story to such terrifying dimensions, few people would have paid attention to this innocent protest. Had Israel also welcomed them warmly and sent them on their way to Bethlehem, that would have embarrassed them and even undermined their objective. But the State of Israel will not stand by idly. It certainly won’t miss an opportunity to look ridiculous and even more contemptible in the eyes of the world. It will immediately turn them into personae non grata, as it did to Gunter Grass, as well as an airborne threat.

Entry into Israel is permitted only to its declared friends. Not a Spanish clown and not a German writer, certainly not human rights activists. An ignorant, extremist, Christian American right-winger is welcome; an intellectual, conscientious European left-winger is sent to the expulsion cell. Israel 2012.


In the case of flotillas as well as fly-ins, these are activists, most of whom mean well. The Swedish writer Henning Mankell turned to us before the most recent flotilla to Gaza: “For once report the truth. Don’t you see that there is no declaration of war here, but a declaration of peace?” And of course his words fell on deaf ears. Mankell participated in two flotillas to Gaza, was expelled twice from Israel in disgrace, and published his harsh impressions in the world’s leading newspapers.

Had Israel not confiscated his computer and his property and treated him like a terrorist, his impressions would have been different. Had Israel invited him to present its viewpoint, perhaps his criticism would have been less harsh. Mankell and his friends will not give up. Now another flotilla is being organized in Sweden, this time on a sailboat carrying flowers, which we will probably also treat as though it were an aircraft carrier about to attack Israel.

The roots of this paranoia are deep and thought-provoking. Were Israel convinced of the justice of its path, it wouldn’t behave this way. If Israel really thought the occupation is just and legal, it wouldn’t be frightened by every conscientious activist who opposes it. If it had nothing to hide, it would respectfully invite them to visit.

But when the ground is burning beneath our feet, and the fire of doubt and insecurity is consuming everything, the only response is a violent and unrestrained attack. On Sunday, when the farce of arrests and the grotesque expulsion take place once again, the activists will register another significant victory: Once again they will prove that Israel does have something to hide, that in spite of all its propaganda, Israel is well aware that there are skeletons in its closet and anyone who dares come near them will suffer the same fate – expulsion.

(palsolidarity.org / 13.04.2012)

Salaheddine On Stage Den Haag

    • zondag 29 april 2012
    • 15:00
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    In deze nieuwe show ‘Salaheddine On Stage’ analyseert schrijver, theater- en tv-maker Salaheddine Benchikhi de Marokkaanse Nederlander van nu. In zijn vorige show keek hij vooral terug naar vroeger; nu gaat het vooral over Hier en NU: wat is er op dit moment allemaal gaande? Wat speelt er onder de tweede en derde generatie Marokkanen en hoe ziet hun leven eruit?

La CSN dénonce l’attitude du gouvernement israélien

Alors qu’une militante de la CSN, Julie Lachapelle, s’apprêtait à partir pour la Palestine, elle a reçu un appel de la compagnie Air France devant la transporter jusqu’en Israël, qui lui a signifié qu’elle ne pourrait prendre le vol prévu. Selon toute vraisemblance, c’est le gouvernement israélien qui a fait pression sur la compagnie aérienne afin d’empêcher son embarquement.

Cette militante, comme des dizaines d’autres provenant de différents pays, doit se rendre en Palestine dès le 16 avril afin d’y travailler, pendant une semaine, à la construction d’un complexe scolaire pour l’école internationale de Palestine. Ce dernier, qui existe déjà, doit être complété. On souhaite que ce complexe abrite une maternelle, une école primaire, un collège et un lycée professionnel de l’hôtellerie qui inclura un restaurant d’application, un hôtel et un lieu de formation de chefs cuisiniers. En plus de faire avancer le droit à l’éducation, un droit fondamental bafoué par la politique d’isolement et d’enfermement pratiquée par le gouvernement israélien, le projet a un volet économique, puisqu’il servira au développement du tourisme alternatif.

« La CSN appuyait la participation de cette militante au projet international Bienvenue en Palestine. Nous sommes outrés par ce qui vient de se produire. Nous demandons au gouvernement du Canada de protester auprès de celui d’Israël afin qu’il permette la libre circulation des individus. D’ailleurs, par ce projet Bienvenue en Palestine, les participants cherchent également à inviter les gouvernements à soutenir le droit des Palestiniennes et des Palestiniens à recevoir des visiteurs et le droit pour leurs ressortissants respectifs de visiter librement la Palestine. Il doit être notamment rappelé au gouvernement israélien que sa frontière n’est certainement pas à Dorval et Mme Lachapelle doit pouvoir faire ce voyage comme prévu », de clamer le président de la CSN, Louis Roy.

La CSN, fondée en 1921, regroupe 300 000 membres répartis dans les secteurs public et privé.

(www.csn.qc.ca / 13.04.2012)


Motion S4M-02477: Kevin Stewart, Aberdeen Central, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 23/03/2012

Safe Passage to the West Bankscottishparliament

That the Parliament commends those people attempting to travel from Scotland to the West Bank as part of the Welcome to Palestine initiative on 15 April 2012 at the invitation of Palestinian civil society in order to take part in political discussion and education projects in Bethlehem, to bring attention to the fact that Palestinians have been denied visitation rights in the occupied territories, to highlight what is considered the repressive nature of the Israeli state, which it understands jailed and then deported 150 peaceful individuals in the 2011 initiative, to raise awareness of the lack of freedom of movement endured by Palestinians both inside and outside the occupied territories and to show solidarity with the Palestinian people who it believes continue to be denied the most basic of rights.

Supported by (at 13 April 2012): Joe FitzPatrick, Dennis Robertson, Colin Keir, Richard Lyle, Hugh Henry, Angus MacDonald, Gil Paterson, Mike MacKenzie, Humza Yousaf, Bill Kidd, Adam Ingram, Jean Urquhart, Jamie Hepburn, David Torrance, Mark McDonald, Linda Fabiani, Claudia Beamish

(www.welcometopalestine.info / 13.04.2012)

PA ‘shuts down’ Palestinian rights group

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority has shut down the West Bank branch of a human rights organization, officials said Friday.

The Palestinian Human Rights Foundation, or Monitor, said the PA interior minister, Said Abu Ali, ordered the closure after claiming the group’s activities were not consistent with the interests of the Palestinian people.

The minister is basing the decision on a decree by the foreign minister, Riyad al-Malki, the group said.

Monitor expressed regret over the move and said it would hold an urgent meeting to discuss the next steps.

The deputy minister of interior said he was unfamiliar with the decision. Other PA officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

(www.maannews.net / 13.04.2012)

Wat is de visie (of richting) van de islam op de toekomst?

Wat de bronnen van de islam, de koran en het voorbeeld van profeet Mohammed (vzmh), en de persoonlijke beoefening van de islam betreft, is de islam altijd hetzelfde gebleven en zal dit in de toekomst niet veranderen.

De sociale weerspiegeling van de islam en de positie van moslims in de wereld zijn echter wel veranderlij. In de afgelopen 150 jaar zijn de sociale instituten van de islam en in feite de gehele islamitische beschaving, die de mensheid zoveel gegeven hebben, door het Europese imperialisme vernietigd. Moslims zagen zich voor de immense taak gesteld om hun gemeenschappen opnieuw vorm te geven en hun beschaving opnieuw op te bouwen.

Er zijn drie belangrijke problemen die de moslimwereld te boven moet zien te komen. Dit zijn gebrek aan onderwijs, armoede en versplintering binnen de moslimwereld. De islam heeft eeuwenlang zijn bijdrage geleverd aan de wereld en de wereldvrede en heeft de potentie dit ook in de toekomst te zullen doen, mits deze problemen worden aangepakt.

In de hoogtijdagen van de moslimnaties, vormden deze in een groot deel van de wereld een bron van vrede en stabiliteit. Voordat de islam haar intrede deed, hadden mensen in de tot dan toe bekende wereld, nog nooit in zulke grote getale in een veilige, vreedzame en harmonieuze wereld geleefd. Meer dan duizend jaar heeft de islam een derde van de wereld welvaart en vrede gebracht. Nadat de laatste moslimstaat, het Ottomaanse Rijk, zijn invloed verloor, heeft de wereld twee wereldoorlogen meegemaakt en zijn de Balkan, het Midden Oosten en andere plaatsen waar de Ottomanen, op basis van de tolerante principes van de islam eeuwenlang in vrede regeerden, nooit meer hetzelfde geweest. Nog steeds ligt de oorzaak van een groot deel van de onrust in de wereld, in een gebrek aan aanwezigheid en invloed van echte moslims in deze regio’s. De aanwezigheid van moslims en hun constructieve invloed zullen een wezenlijk onderdeel uitmaken van vrede in de wereld.

Ik geloof dat moslims de uitdagingen waar zij zich voor gesteld zien, in de nabije toekomst zullen overwinnen en wederom hun bijdrage zullen leveren aan de welvaart, vrede en harmonie in de wereld.

(www.vraagislam.nl / 13.04.2012)

Israel opens fire at fishing boat off Gaza coast

Fishermen work at the port of Gaza City.
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Friday opened fire at a Palestinian fishing boat off the coast of the northwestern Gaza Strip.

Witnesses said the gunfire caused the boat to sink, with no injuries reported.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said the vessel “deviated from the designated fishing area” and that naval forces fired warning shots at the boat’s engine after it failed to respond to calls to turn back.

After shots were fired, the boat returned to the designated fishing area and did not sink, she said.

Under Israel’s maritime blockade, Palestinians are forbidden from fishing more than three nautical miles from the coast.

During the Oslo accords, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators had agreed on 20 nautical miles of fishing access along Gaza’s coastline.

The Gaza-based Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights says Israel detained 40 fishermen, injured five others and seized nine boats in 2011.

(maannews.net / 13.04.2012)

Israel expected to block ‘flytilla’ of international Palestinian sympathisers

Israel warns it will deny entry to ‘provocateurs’ as up to 2,000 pro-Palestinian activists prepare to fly in on way to West Bank

Concrete wall separating Bethlehem from Jerusalem

Pro-Palestinian activists will be trying to get to the West Bank via Tel Aviv. Above, the wall separating the West Bank town of Bethlehem from Jerusalem.

Israel is expected to deny entry to hundreds of international pro-Palestinian activists due to arrive at Tel Aviv airport on Sunday en route to the West Bank for a week of educational and cultural activities.

Up to 2,000 Palestinian sympathisers, mainly from Europe, will attempt to board planes in what has been dubbed a “flytilla” in reference to previous attempts to breach the blockade of Gaza by flotillas of boats.

But the Israeli authorities have warned they will not permit entry to “hostile elements” and “provocateurs”. Hundreds of police will be deployed to Ben Gurion airport from Saturday night, and airlines have been issued with “no-fly” lists of known activists along with requests that they be prevented from boarding planes.

“The provocateurs will be dealt with in a determined and quick way,” Israel’s public security minister, Yitzhak Aharonovitch, said this week. “If they arrive in Israel they will be identified, removed from the plane, their entry into Israel will be prevented and they will be moved to a detention facility until they are flown out of Israel.”

The German carrier Lufthansa cancelled the tickets of dozens of activists on Thursday, saying it was obliged to comply with Israel’s request not to fly certain passengers to Tel Aviv.

Airline representatives were reportedly warned that they would be expected to bear the costs of flying activists back to their point of departure. Flights carrying activists will be diverted to a smaller terminal, where security forces and immigration officials will check and question passengers.

Israel’s response was “paranoid and hysterical”, said Mazin Qumsiyeh, one of the organisers of the Welcome to Palestine programme and a university professor in Bethlehem. “They simply don’t want the world to know what’s going on in Palestine,” he said.

The activists say they will be open about their intention to travel directly in special buses from the airport to Bethlehem. Israel controls all entry points to the West Bank.

A similar “flytilla” last July resulted in the detention and deportation of scores of activists. In May 2010, a flotilla of boats attempting to reach Gaza ended in Israeli forces shooting dead nine activists.

The mayor of Bethlehem, Victor Batarseh, told a press conference this week: “These people are coming to talk about peace, they are not coming to wage war against Israel. They are coming to visit the Palestinian people who are under occupation and to talk to them and to help them because these people are isolated.”

Norma Turner, a retired nurse who will board a flight from Manchester on Sunday, said the intention was “peaceful solidarity action which does not pose any threat to Israel”. In the event of detention and deportation, the activists would peacefully comply with the Israeli authorities, she added.

“All we want to do is visit the Palestinians,” she said. “We have no intention to disrupt the workings of Israel.”

(www.guardian.co.uk / 13.04.2012)

Brotherhood’s FJP hits back at Suleiman over scathing attack

Omar Suleiman’s controversial remarks about the Muslim Brotherhood spark an angry response from its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)
Mohamed Morsi

FJP head Mohamed Morsi

A fresh verbal exchange erupted between presidential candidate Omar Suleiman and the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, which dismissed the former intelligence chief’s remarks as “worthless”.Suleiman, who harbours lingering hard feelings against Islamists, launched a scathing attack on the MB in a lengthy interview published on Ahram’s daily newspaper on Friday.

He accused them of burning police stations during last year’s 18-day uprising as well as making the most of the revolution aftermath to seize power. Suleiman also said he would reveal “black box details” from the history of the MB.

Holding around 45% seats of Egypt’s lower house (the People’s Assembly), the MB’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) has also fielded two candidates to contest the first presidential elections following the overthrow of autocratic leader Hosni Mubarak.

“Suleiman, who was part of the dismantled regime, is the one who did everything he could to suppress the revolution,” FJP head Mohamed Mursi, one of the party’s presidential candidates along with Khairat El-Shater, said in a phone interview with Al-Jazeera.

“His claims (that the MB burned police stations and stirred chaos) are completely baseless, he doesn’t have any proof. If he has any documents to back up his claims, then he should present them to the public prosecution.

“His black box remarks are worthless that do not deserve any reply. Anyway, we are considering suing him,” Mursi added.

Egypt’s parliament on Thursday passed legislation banning top officials who served under Mubarak from becoming president, a move which could prohibit Suleiman from running for president.

The 75-year-old served as Vice President during Mubarak’s final days in power.

Required to collect 30,000 recommendations from across at least 15 governorates, or 30 MP endorsements to run for president, Suleiman collected 60,000 recommendations instead in a short span of time.

“Suleiman got the recommendations from security apparatuses,” Mursi concluded.

It remains to be seen whether Egypt’s ruling military, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), would approve the new controversial legislation.

The presidential election gets under way on May 23 with two days of voting expected to be followed in June with a run-off between the top two candidates.

(english.ahram.org.eg / 13.04.2012)