#Airflotilla2 | Mission “Welcome to Palestine”: The detailed program


Below are details of Palestinian organizations that invite us on the week dedicated to the mission “Welcome to Palestine.”

Source and original article in French :  Mission « Bienvenue en Palestine » : le programme détaillé Mars 21, 2011

– Sunday, April 15:

  • Arrival and welcome in Bethlehem, the place of the Nativity

– From Monday:

  • Building the school for all volunteers who can contribute and participate in the renovation of the kindergarten “Little Prince” in Bethlehem.
  • The electricians are especially welcome, and anyone who can take care of painting.
  • As we will be more than a thousand participants from many countries and that not everyone can participate in the launch of construction of the International School in Beit Jala and renovation of the kindergarten, it is also hoped that Mission participants:
  •  Help to repair damaged wells in the area of Bethlehem (camping on site for 3 to 4 days to thirty volunteers)
  • The cultural center in Al-Rowwad the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem would also like the participation of hundreds of volunteers to build a museum on the history of Palestinian refugees.
  •  The Committee of Beit Ommar offers for its part to fifty volunteers to plant trees in the village.
  • Ancillary activities and optional a la carte for volunteers of all countries, including those who never came to Palestine:

– Monday, April 16:

  • Visit of the Jordan Valley organized by Mubarak Awad Abu Swai & Zawahra

– Tuesday, April 17:

  • Visit to Hebron organized by Mousa Abu Maria

– Wednesday, April 18:

  • Day in Bethlehem, organized by Abdelfattah Abu Srour and Jacques Neno including a seminar in Bethlehem University on “How to end the occupation? “And a festive evening for all.

– Thursday, April 19:

  • Visit to Jerusalem, organized by Lubna Masarwa & Najwa Alsilwadi

– Friday, April 20:

  • Tour of Ramallah organized by Iyad Bornat & Nariman Tamimi

It is still possible to register to participate in this international mission, by writing to: contact (at) bienvenuepalestine.com 

(airflotilla2.wordpress.com / 11.04.2012)

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