Gaza rockets hit Israel after drone attack

JERUSALEM — Three rockets fired from the Gaza Strip hit southern Israel on Sunday, without causing casualties or damage, police said.

“A rocket fired from Gaza fell into an uninhabited area near the city of Sderot this evening. There were no injuries or damage,” police spokeswoman Lea Samri told AFP.

She said two other rockets were fired into southern Israel near the city of Netivot early on Sunday, hitting open ground without causing casualties or property damage.

On Saturday night, a rocket fired from an Israeli drone wounded two Palestinians riding a motorcycle in Rafah in the Gaza Strip. The military said they had been on their way to fire rockets at Israel.

“Aircraft thwarted a rocket launch in the southern Gaza Strip,” a military spokeswoman told AFP.

Last month, a series of Israeli air strikes and Palestinian rocket salvoes followed Israel’s killing of Zuhair al-Qaisi, head of the Gaza-based Popular Resistance Committees, prompting other militant groups to fire rockets.

Palestinians in Gaza fired more than 310 rockets at Israel, and Israeli warplanes carried out dozens of air strikes, killing 25 people, among them 14 members of Islamic Jihad.

Israeli public radio said that the two rockets fired on Sunday morning were of the Soviet-designed Grad type, the same as those fired early on Thursday from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula at Israel’s Red Sea resort of Eilat.

It was the first rocket attack from Egypt since the collapse of the regime of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in February 2011. Since he was toppled, a wave of unrest has swept the restive Sinai Peninsula bordering Israel.

( / 08.04.2012)

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