Residents of Nazareth ready to face Israeli extremist group

An extreme Zionist right wing group led by Baruch Marzel is planning to enter the city of Nazareth on Sunday under the protection of Israeli police forces.

In response to the move, the Palestinian people have gathered in the main square of Nazareth taking all measures possible to stop the extremist group from entering the city.

The Palestinians in Nazareth and the surrounding areas staged a demonstration, enchanting slogans and carrying banners indicating that they will rather die than let these Zionist racist groups reach the city and demonstrate in its streets.

Palestinians say; Israeli right wing extremists phenomena is growing rapidly, and this time they want to put an end to this racism and violation of the Palestinians human rights.

Palestinians believe they have been forgotten and ignored by the international community. They say it gives Israel the freedom to continue what they call the racist and oppressive policies against Palestinians.

( / 11.30.2012)

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