World Bank approves $40 million grant for PA

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The World Bank has approved a $40 million grant to support Palestinian Authority reforms and improve citizen services, officials said Wednesday.

The grant is part of the World Bank’s efforts to “consolidate and build on a good track-record of reform achievements,” a statement announcing the grant said.

“There has been a real commitment to reform which has indeed delivered some improvements in the daily lives of citizens,” said Mariam Sherman, World Bank director for the West Bank and Gaza.

“But reform alone will not drive the growth that is needed. For that to happen the private sector has to be unleashed and measures must be taken to build confidence and remove restrictions which stand in the way of a free flow of commercial activity.”

The World Bank also approved an $8 million grant to rehabilitate Gaza’s electricity network.

( / 07.03.2012)

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